My name is Sorin and this is SORiN interactive games. I will attempt to develop my own 3rd person video game using Unreal Engine 4.

Its going to be a short game set in the near future where a war between angels and demons still rage in a universe that is slowing falling apart. You are a GUARDIAN set to protect the last Angel. Please visit the Project’s page for more details.

I am a gamer. I live, breathe and eat video games. Like all natural progressions, designing my own video game is the next path and the most logical. Doing it right is another story and doing it for the right reasons also matters.

But of course such a project cannot be done alone. It requires specialized skills such as concept designers, programmers, sound and music, and so on. This is where you guys come in and the way I see it is that if you are a person that is looking to get into the video game industry, than perhaps this is the right project for you and perhaps we can help each other. If you join the crew I will give you full credit on this wordpress site and personally give you a reference based on work done for the Project.

I believe I have a great concept for the video game project. Perhaps this is in part due from my previous life…not sure…but I think it will work. Its now or never…I prefer for it to be now…


Looking for a Sponsor

I am looking for a SPONSOR to supply the computer hardware that the game will eventually be developed on. This is a perfect time for a sponsor to come on board because I am in the early stages of development and all my documentation, social media channels will carry the logo of the sponsor. Not only that but I could use a hand on the computer hardware. Indie developers are always strapped for cash. Anyway I hope to find one soon.

I love Asus Rog G20 i7 and so I am going to drop Asus a line…but their contact information is hard to find. I might even co local here. Futureshop, BB, CC and so on. Wish me luck.

3D Models 1st try

Well…I tried…as u could probably guess my first attempt at 3D character modeling did not go so well. I’ve being using Blender 3D and Sketch 3D to see which is a better fit for me. I also wanted to keep it legal and use tools that are free to use.  Blender 3D is a nightmare to use and frustrated
the crap out of me.

It’s moments like these that most people quit and never go past the 3D part. Its hard.  But I will learn…

So we move on…keep on learning…

Concept Art

Well its been though getting back into the Art of things again. Its been several years since I drew my first pencil and let me tell you its hard. I’ll post an image soon and you can be the judge.

You see I know what I wanna draw but I can’t seem to translate that on paper. I can visualize the armor set in my mind but putting that on paper is something alse.

I could use abit of help on this. If anyone wanna lend a hand with concept art please drop me a line. You don’t have to have any experience…we will learn together.

Dark Angel

So its official. Project Dark Angel is a go. Over the past few days I am going to update the PROJECT page with concept art and other game details. This is a very exciting time for me. I wanted to do this for a very long time and thanx to Epic and their sweet engine I am going to put in 100%. There are some logistical things to get done but its looking good.

UE4 or UDK?

The biggest decision one can make when creating a video game is what type of game engine the game will sit on. The industry has evolved over the past few years giving more access to the independent studios. In the past we could not afford engines like the Unreal Engine. It would have cost over $100,000 just for the licensing. So to make the decision abit easier for you I have broken it down.


THE ENGINE IS FREE!!! Continue reading