My name is Sorin and this is SORiN interactive games. I will attempt to develop my own 3rd person video game using Unreal Engine 4.

Its going to be a short game set in the near future where a war between angels and demons still rage in a universe that is slowing falling apart. You are a GUARDIAN set to protect the last Angel. Please visit the Project’s page for more details.

I am a gamer. I live, breathe and eat video games. Like all natural progressions, designing my own video game is the next path and the most logical. Doing it right is another story and doing it for the right reasons also matters.

But of course such a project cannot be done alone. It requires specialized skills such as concept designers, programmers, sound and music, and so on. This is where you guys come in and the way I see it is that if you are a person that is looking to get into the video game industry, than perhaps this is the right project for you and perhaps we can help each other. If you join the crew I will give you full credit on this wordpress site and personally give you a reference based on work done for the Project.

I believe I have a great concept for the video game project. Perhaps this is in part due from my previous life…not sure…but I think it will work. Its now or never…I prefer for it to be now…